Become a network automation hero,the smart way.
Building network automation solutions can be complex and challenging. As a network engineer, you basically have to choose between learning programming in Python or Ansible. Or keep using Excel and notepad ;-)

There is a smarter way! 

We'll teach you how to build network automation solutions in no time without coding and with the same flexibility. Sounds good? We even guarantee that you can build and deploy your first automation solution in less than 1 hour and use it for FREE!

How? We developed and implemented the GUI based automation framework netYCE at many customers for over 15 years. The framework lets you automate any network in no time without coding. We also created online courses where we teach network engineers how to build any solution they want and become true automation heroes.

The core netYCE engine is completely FREE including all courses, no strings attached. You even get a lifetime license for unlimited production nodes with full configuration management and job automation functionality with NO limitation. Course 1 will get you up and running in less than 1 hour. Learn more below. 

Network automation has never been this easy.

The 3 building blocks for automating any network
1. Runtime automation 
2. Data-driven jobs & configs 
3. Design modeling
1. Runtime automation
Imagine you have an engine that lets you configure any number of network devices (switch, router, firewall, API, EMS, controller, etc.) from any vendor, from one central place and for an endless variety of jobs, while dealing with checks, validations, conditions, backups, logging and many more in a smart and automated way.

This is exactly what the netYCE engine does. Fully GUI based and with support for 20+ different network vendors, ranging from Cisco, Juniper, HP, Ciena, Huawei, Checkpoint, Fortinet, Palo Alto and many more. 

You can forget about manually logging into network devices or building and maintaining Python- or Ansible scripts. You only need to focus on what you want to achieve. Simply create or import your node credentials and start building and deploying automated jobs. You can use parameterisation, templates, conditionals and functions to deal with any of your daily jobs. Then save & share them with others and schedule backups of all your configs to keep control of what changes in production.

This powerful engine alone will solve most of your daily automation needs. It is part of the FREE netYCE_Go license and serves as the foundation for all other solutions explained below. Experience it yourself. Simply download the software and follow course 1.

You'll build your first network automation solution in less than one hour!
2. Data-driven jobs & configs 
Now let’s go one step further and truly boost your automation capabilities. Imagine you can automatically build jobs and configurations by combining different data sources with this runtime engine. You can use data from the internal YCE database, your production network or from external sources (via the API). 

First, the integrated, object oriented YCE database lets you store any kind of information specific to your design or ‘snowflake’ network, in a relational- and vendor agnostic way. This means you can store things like topology, ports, vrfs, ip plans, subnets, services and much more in one place. And then use them seamlessly with the netYCE engine and smart templates to generate data-driven jobs and configs. 

So forget about using Excel and notepad or remembering everything from memory. Simply create and modify services by updating the database and generate configs & jobs that you want provisioned to your network with just a single mouse click or API call.

Second, imagine you can retrieve state information from your network devices and use it dynamically in your jobs. This is what 'command parsing' scenarios are all about. It lets you send show commands to your network devices and parse the requested information. The results can either be stored in the YCE database or used in realtime as input for your data-driven jobs.

It gets even better when you learn more about 'scenarios'. These data-driven 'scripts' allow you to build extremely powerful run-books with automated rules, validations and process steps for every job you send to your network. 

Third, data can also come from external systems (e.g. OSS/NMS) or from an Excel/csv file. This can be sent to the netYCE API and processed as you like. You will be amazed with the possibilities you now have at your fingertips because anything that is possible
via the GUI can also be done via the API. Updating your inventory, creating new services or simply invoking the API to send data-driven jobs to your network is easy as pie.

All this will be covered in course 2.

3. Design modeling
By now you have the ability to generate and deploy data-driven jobs and configs to any of your devices. This is extremely powerful, but it does not solve the risk of spinning out of control when you allow 'random' design choices during implementation. This is the major factor causing networks to become inflexible, unstable and unnecessary difficult to automate. 

In order to maximise your potential benefits this needs to be resolved. Therefore, you want to model and standardise your network services and changes. And enforce your design rules into every job, configuration and process you build. 

This is what netYCE's unique 'design modeling' is all about. These tools allow you to build your own network design and service models that can generate standardised (blueprinted) services, jobs and configurations, and robotise your changes. 

What this means is that every change you now send to your network is build ‘as-designed' (as-intended). No more errors as both the data, the jobs, the configs AND all process steps are now being generated and executed according to your own design logic.

Now you only need to ensure that these jobs get deployed without interfering with any existing service in your network. This is done by combining using the command parsing scenarios. Realtime state information is then validated at runtime to guarantee that existing services aren't overwritten.

All this plus many other cool stuff is part of the netYCE_Pro license and covered in course 3.

Endless possibilities
These 3 building blocks are extremely powerful and can be used standalone, but the true power lies in combining them. You can now build any network automation solution you like as the possibilities are endless. 

For example, you can enable zero-touch provisioning for any of your devices, delegate standard jobs to your internal users (self-service) or build closed-loop automations with NMS or AI systems. You can even configure netYCE to be your 'über' orchestrator between 3rd party systems or combine existing Python or Ansible scripts to get really smart.

And the best part? 

Everything can be configured and build via a GUI that is designed for network engineers. NO coding in complex programming languages. Simply translate your existing network engineering knowledge in templates, models, scenarios and data-driven jobs, and start automating. 

It’s literally that simple. 
So what are you waiting for ;-)

>>> The FREE netYCE_Go license gives you runtime automation for unlimited network nodes. The license also includes the full netYCE_Pro functionality for an additional 10 Pro nodes. This means that you can build and implement the data-driven and design modeling capabilities as taught in course 2 and 3 without upgrading to a paid netYCE_Pro license. For more information on the supported features of the Go and Pro license, check here <<<-
What others say
"Simply the best automation framework for both starters and senior DevOps engineers. I have been using netYCE for many years and automated some of the most challenging networks and use-cases. I am still amazed by its flexibility and possibilities."

     Sander Paulis, Sr Network Consultant at AnyLinQ
"I cannot stress enough the importance of deploying networks ‘as-designed’ and preventing network configurations drift. NetYCE has provided this ‘Intent based networking functionality’ already for many years for all of our L2 and L3 networks; long before the market started to talk about it. And in a fully vendor agnostic way. Especially in today’s world, to make network virtualisation a success, it’s a MUST that underlay networks are 100% stable and programmable. " 

Olav Roes, Sr. Service Owner Network Security & Connectivity at Rabobank group
"netYCE helped me to automate the provisioning of our complete network campus with over 150 nodes and 500 ipv4 networks.Thanks to the API, I was able to build a portal so that provisioning of new office locations can now be done by anyone. I am also an enthusiastic user because thanks to netYCE, I am able to make repetitive tasks easier and without errors.

Joppe Willems, Senior Delivery Analist, Rabobank, Netherlands
"I have been using netYCE to roll out services across a new network for one of our national cable providers. The ability to generate configs ‘as designed’ is really powerful. Not only can I provision services in a matter of minutes, but these ‘clean’ configs cause far less errors and make future migrations way easier.”

Niels Keulen, Network Engineer at YaWorks, Netherlands
"As a network engineer, I really like the transparency and ease of use. With just clicking a button, netYCE generates the full configs I need for my network migrations."

Wouter de Bruin, network professional, National Cable Service Provider
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runtime automation
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    any existing vendor modules
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  • Course 1
    Building runtime
    Automation solutions 
    < 1 hour

    This course lets you build run-time automation solutions in less than 1 hour. You will be 
    able to create, save and share parametrised jobs for any of your (multi-vendor) switches, routers and firewalls in a matter of minutes.

    You will learn how to use parameter substitution and smart templates with advanced features such as conditionals and functions so you can automate any job.

    You also learn how to 
    back-up your network configs and use powerful tools for diff analysis- and offline search so you stay in full control of any change in your network.

  • Course 1 modules

    netYCE VM installation
    Installing updates
    Create/import nodes in netYCE CMDB
    Network  setup (Lab, GNS3 or production)
    Setting up config backup (NCCM)
    NCCM user training
    Basic Command-Job Automation
    Templates and parameters
    Functions and conditionals

    Advanced command-jobs
    Use case examples 

Network automation 
Direct access 

    lifetime netYCE license
    unlimited Go nodes + 10 Pro nodes
    any existing vendor modules
    single user, single server
    bronze support
    forum & wiki
    Free T-shirt

  • Course 2  
    Building Data-Driven Network
    Automation Solutions

    Instead of (only) using parameter substitution in command-jobs and templates (course 1), this course teaches you to build powerful data-driven jobs & configs by combining the netYCE engine with different data sources.

    First, the internal inventory database YCE lets you prepare, 
    create, modify and store any kind of network information specific to your design in an object oriented and vendor agnostic way (topology, service, ports, vrf, ip plans, subnets etc). You can now create and modify services, generate configs & jobs and provision your network with just a single mouse click or API call.

    Second, you will learn the power of scenarios. These run book 'scripts' allow you to build automation rules and validations with information in the YCE database and/or in relation with data retrieved from command- or configuration parsing. You can now create really smart data-driven jobs with realtime 'state' validation for every job you send to the network. 

    Third, you will learn how to use the netYCE API. As anything via the GUI can also be done via the API, you'll be amazed with the endless possibilities you have at your fingertips.

  • Course 2 modules

    Importing YCE db nodes
    Data-driven Jobs & Scenarios
    Smart templating syntax options 
    YCE modeled nodes & services 
    Plan & Build changes before Deploy
    Using GUI, API, CSV import tools
    Auto generating Jobs & Configs
    Data-Driven Network Automation
    Smart scenarios / run-books
    Use case examples

Available in May/June'19

    lifetime netYCE license
    unlimited Go nodes + 10 Pro nodes
    any existing vendor modules
    single user, single server
    bronze support
    forum & wiki
    Free T-shirt

  • Course 3
    Building Design-Driven
    Orchestration Solutions

    Finally you'll get to learn all about netYCE's unique design modeling tools to build your own 'intent-based' orchestration solutions. 

    By creating network-, design- and service models, you can now 'build as-designed' fully standardised jobs, configs and services. No more manual typos as both the data + the configs are generated based on your own design rules.

    And in order to ensure that these intended changes also get 'deployed as designed', you can incorporate parsing scenarios with realtime state validation during job execution.

    You will learn how to integrate these service models with 3rd party systems so you can simply send service requests to the API and let netYCE handle all changes.

    You now have literally endless possibilities to build any automation or orchestration solution. You can, for example, build closed-loop automations with NMS or AI systems, enable zero-touch provisioning for any of your devices or offer self-service delegation to your internal users.

    You can even configure netYCE to be your 'über' orchestrator between other systems. There is truly no limit! 

  • Course 3 modules
    Network & Design Modeling
    Service Automation modeling
    IPAM modeling
    Build & Deploy changes as designed
    Network Service Orchestration
    Intent-based Networking
    Wizard-based orchestration
    Service provisioning (zero-touch)
    Network & Service Migration
    Self service & Delegation
    API-Driven Orchestration
    Closed-loop automation
    Role based access & Collaboration 
    Multi-domain & multi-tenancy setup
    Use case examples

I'll teach you how to build any automation solution you wantYou'll never want to go back to manual network changes." 
Pieter van Os
Trainer and network automation hero at netYCE
More references
"Network Management best practices have transformed over the last few years, and closed-loop data driven automation is one such driver that has demonstrated significant business impact to Telco and Enterprise Operations. I believe that the ease, flexibility and agility with which NetYCE provides just that, makes it a great enabler for achieving productivity gains and quality of provisioning amongst many other use-cases for NOC automation."

Vice President, Telecom Network Services at Accenture, India
"I have been working with several configuration management tools throughout my entire career, but the power and flexibility of netYCE’s templates and modeling tools are unmatched."
     Patrick Ernsten, technical infrastructure consultant, SMT
"Had I known earlier that netYCE could automate all of our installations and updates, I would have had more time to focus on our core business activities. NetYCE really helped us get back in control and save time and energy of our networking guys by automating many daily tasks. They now can focus on far more valuable activities”

Achintha Rodrigo, Director Of Operations at Exire Technologies, Sri Lanka
“I have used netYCE a lot for getting rid of my repetitive tasks with command job automation. All configurable via a GUI that is easy to understand for me as network engineer. I also used it for migrations and standard roll-out of configs.” 

Marco van Ginkel, network specialist 

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